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How Can AIMA Be Used?

Here are just some Use Cases:

Corporate Trainers

Corporate employees waste time on training videos over the actual work they must complete.

A good solution would find a way to accurately extract important information from the lessons & turn it into highlighted text.

AIMA Value Add
AIMA allows Users to search for necessary key concepts within a video. Users can easily scroll through the media player to important sections.


Tutorial Videos can contain extraneous information and a User may get lost in the instruction.

Users need a solution that streamlines the training process and highlights the important concepts while leaving out unimportant details.

AIMA Value Add
AIMA lets Users hone in on only the key, necessary concepts with the ability to search for terms and phrases within a Media Transcript and Player.

Legal Organizations

Manually transcribing a public deposition or a court proceeding takes hours or days and leaves plenty of room for human error.

Legal workers need a method of transcribing that is accurate, efficient and quick.

AIMA Value Add
AIMA provides a transcription with a high degree of accuracy that is also editable.

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